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W. Henry Eccleston

Brooklyn-based fine artist W. Henry Eccleston brings a multitude of talents and training to his vibrant art. Owner of the I-Art I Gallery on Glenwood Road, Eccleston is a native of Jamaica, raised in the rough tropical launching pad of Trench Town, the area that nurtured dozens of world class artists and musicians such as Bob Marley.

His artistic abilities were evident from early on, and a series of mentors helped ensure that he received the proper education. He won a scholarship to Jamaican School Of Art, and graduated in 1971 from the Island's prestigious Jamaica School Of Art (now known as The Edna Manley College of The Visual and Performing Arts). He then began working for several international companies as both graphic designer and illustrator. In 1974 he migrated to New York, where he did postgraduate work at N.Y.U. and Pratt Institute.

His paintings are characterized by a vivid Caribbean palate and an ability to capture a person's essence in broad, sometimes moody, impressionistic strokes. Many prominent collectors such as former New York City Mayor David Dinkins own a Eccleston piece, and his work has been displayed in venues from the Jamaica National Gallery, to the Javits Federal Building, Manhattan Community College, the African American Museum, and his own I Art I Gallery in Brooklyn.
Note oils & acrylic
Eccleston's pictures have a universal appeal. He uses shapes that are both structural and organic, and an application of colors that stimulate the intellect and warm the heart. Employing a variety of media - pen and ink, pastels, acrylic, oils, silk screens and etchings - the artist refers to his work as the Trench Town Renaissance, flowing from a movement that existed before time. "I approach life from both sides of the spectrum. I try to use my ability to enter into a process that takes shapes, lines, colors and composition beyond the intellectual dimensions: the Trench Town Renaissance processed through the Caribbean experience and recaptured in a European setting, evolving into pure art." Simply put, Eccleston asserts that his purpose is nothing less than "promoting an awareness of self reliance and human dignity through its expression in the visual arts."

In addition to several scholarships in Jamaica, he has also received the Edna Manley Award for Excellence in the Arts, and is a founding member and former president of the Association of Caribbean-American Artists, Inc. He has made frequent radio and television appearances, and can be heard bi-weekly as co-host of the "Midnight Ravers" program on WBAI in New York, for which he received a coveted National Golden Reel Award in 2003.

* By Roger Steffens



(ART CAREER ACTIVE 1960- present)


1960s: _______________________________________________________

1960: Started painting and drawing at Boys Town YMCA lyming and developing  

1964: to 67: Attended the Trench Town Comprehensive High School excelling in the visual art.

1967: Granted Father Hugh Sherlock tuition scholarship to attend Jamaica School of Art while at Boys Tow YMCA in Trench Town

1967: Winner of a full four year scholarship from Gerry Dunlop and Associates to attend Jamaica School of Art (now Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts) 

1967 - 71: Attended St. Georges College while at Jamaica School of Art

1967-1973: Art tutor in Boys Town YMCA. 

1968-1971: Member of Boys Town YMCA, Board of Governors in Trench Town



1971: Graduate from the Jamaica School of Art- Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts.
 1973: Exhibited abroad with the Jamaica Tourist Board Exhibition to Chicago and Florida.

1973: Featured in the 1973 issue of the Jamaica Journal.

1974: Featured in the 1974 issue of the Jamaica Journal.

1974: Represented in the Jamaica National Museum with work 'Lovers Meditation'.

 1974: Held first one-man exhibition at the basement gallery Jamaica School of Art at North Street.

1974: Exhibited at the National Workers Bank in Kingston

1974: Mrs. Edna Manley purchased first piece of work in 1974, artist first solo exhibition.    

1974 - 1976: Did advance studies at Pratt Institute, New York University School of Continuing Education, 1974-1976: Several Group exhibitions abroad…

1980s____ _______________________________________________


1980: Studied at The New School and Gotham Work Shop Poetry Division NYC.


1980 to present: Patron to Trench Town, Culture Yard and the Reading Center.

1980-1988: Member of the Association of Caribbean and American Artists.

 1984 -1988: President of The Association of Caribbean and American artists.
1985: Installed as critical resident of Trench Town in Trench Town Culture Yard

 1985: Winner of the Highbeam Business Syatems Award for Professional Excellence in the field of Arts.

1988: Winner of the Edna Manley Award for Excellence in the Arts in 1988.

1996: Owner of Interventional Arts International Inc. dba :( i art i gallery).

1999- To present Works of art owned by and featured at Traveler’s Beach Resort, Negril, Jamaica W. I.

1990s-2000s: ‘The Midnight Ravers' program on WBAI Radio 99.5 fm NYC, Copped nine awards including a golden real award since its inception. 


2000: W. Henry Eccleston Renaissance posters installed for offer for sale in Trench Town Culture Yard

2003 Featured in New York Daily News “Spotlight on Great People”. Flatbush Life in 1999 “Another Quieter Art Sensation” and Canarie Courier “Rich Caribbean Culture…” Thursday Oct, 27, 2005.
2003: Received The State of New York Legislative Resolution and The City of New York Council Citation.

2003: Producer and broadcaster of award-winning 'The Midnight Ravers' program on WBAI Radio 99.5 fm NYC.

2003: Golden Reel Award, presented to the Midnight Ravers- from The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB),

2004:  Owner of Interventional Arts International Inc. dba online :( i art i gallery).

2005: Recipient of International Society of Poets Award.

2007: Awarded the Famous Poets Master Workshop “Diploma”

2007: Winner of a golden award in poetry from Famous Poets.

2007: Featured in The Jamaica Daily Gleaner Sunday February 18 2007 ' No ordinary Jamaican'.

2008: Public speaker, Lecturer, lectures in colleges at Gettysburg College, Medgar Evers College, Flatlands Civic and other US locations.
2008: Exhibited at Gettysburg College Gallery and Medgar Evers College Art Gallery.

2008:  Recipient of many poetry award abroad ie. Noble House of London England, International Society of Poetry and Famous Poets.

2010-present: A member of The Global Information Network and Prosperity Alliance (Millionaires Clubs)

2011:  Author of ‘Trench Town Tenement Art’

2011: Author of”Red Field of Dreams’ (The Creator Speaks)

2011: Host lecture series at mostly tertiary levels across US


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