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Trench Town Renaissance

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"My work stimulates the intellect and warms the heart...flowing from a movement that existed before time...
beyond the intellectual dimension...recaptured in an international setting and evolving into pure art."
The Creator's Poetry

"I have known this extremely ambitious and creative person from his early years as a school boy in Trench Town, Jamaica. It is an honor to acknowledge his signal achievements, both in terms of his professional work as an artist and his contributions to his community -both in New York and back in Jamaica. He has been an inspirational figure in the evolution of Culture Yard in Trench Town over the past two decades. This most recent representation of his artistic and poetic expression entitled "The Creator Speaks"- exhibited at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania- mark him as a truly outstanding contributor in his field".

John A Maxwell retired Snr Lecturer.(Assoc. Prof) University of the West Indies, Mona Campus (Ja, W.I.)

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